SAP Business One and ProcessForce is a combination that covers all of a production company’s planning needs. However operating it directly from a warehouse while working with inventory may be difficult. That is where CompuTec WMS comes in. Using it you can manage the recording of inventory movements directly from any storehouse.

CompuTec WMS is an application that allows the creation of ProcessForce and SAP Business One inventory movement documents using a handheld device connected to your SAP Business One database. The whole creation process is performed in just a few steps in which data required for a document is assembled. Primarily this involves the selection of data from recorded lists by scanning barcodes assigned to specific values, e.g. warehouse, item, location. The application is also able to be used on touchscreen devices, so in fact the whole process can be performed just by touching the correct icon on the displayed lists. Choosing the desired value (either by scanning a barcode, or by picking from a list) assigns it to the document being created and links automatically to the next list – until the final form in which you confirm creation of the document. After this step a new document is created and posted in the SAP Business One database.

The application covers a range of inventory documents, such as:

  • Goods Receipt PO
  • Stock Transfer (or Stock Transfer Request)
  • Goods Issue
  • Delivery
  • Pick Order
  • Pick Receipt
  • Pick & Pack
  • Stock Counting.

CompuTec WMS can be used without ProcessForce. In this situation it supports SAP Business One inventory documents. All of the documents available in the application can be saved as drafts. Drafts created in SAP Business One can also be proceed in the application.

The application also gives access to inventory information such as quantities from the following point of views:

  • warehouses
  • storage units (SUs)
  • batches/serials.

Some other functions covered by CompuTec WMS:

  • storage units – SU is a group of items that can be used on documents together, e.g. a box of 100 pencils (choosing one box on a document, instead of 100 pieces of an item). It is possible to create multilevel SUs, e.g. a pallet of 200 boxes, 100 pencils each
  • dispatch control – an option that allows to verify Items, before sending it on delivery, against business partner's catalogue numbers
  • support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Although the application is designed for handheld devices, it is also available in a desktop version, for example to use on industrial PCs.

The application is under constant development based on internal consultations and customer feedback, which results in new functions being added to the application frequently. It is also extremely flexible due to a broad range of custom configuration options. It can be adjusted to suit specific client’s needs: from companies that passes tones of gravel through its warehouse everyday, to the ones that needs a specific information on each and every stone in stock.